august 25th, 2017

How I make $75,000 on 1/3 acre in a residential neighbourhood!


Kelowna, BC Canada. Setup with 5 urban sites focuses on high yield, high-value small veggies for local restaurants. Microgreens, lettuce, tomatoes, squash, zucchini.

Rotational planting with good planning. Works on the mentality of ‘focus on tasks that produce income, minimize those that do not’. Some information on irrigation technique, weeding technique, pruning. Good information on infrastructure like coolers, washing tables, and drying racks. Looks like a lot of work, but well-rewarded.

Great winter nursery setup inside the main house for starting microgreens in trays. Also a nice soil block setup outside on an elevated table.

link: youtube



I recently found that while I had been methodically plodding along in my university education, I had neglected my personal research and development. I can’t realistically expect my formal curriculum to drop me into the world prepared and ready. This blog will document the personal work I’ll do, and serve as a library reference for future works. If an idea or notion sounds familiar, perhaps I’ll find it in the archives on this page.

My intent will be simple, at first. Each day, I’ll watch one plant-related video and record it by date, summation, useful/learned elements, and keywords for later searches. That’s it. I’ll incorporate more ambitious goals later, but for now, baby steps. Work son!